splavarenje tarom


Arrangement “Scepan Polje” lasting  two days with the provided accommodation and food.

We will  visit the the most attractive part of the canyon length of about 90 km from the starting point up to  Scepan Polje, abundant river rapids (over 50), wild tributaries, sparkling waterfalls, lush variety forests whose trees old after a few hundred years old steam sky in height and up to 50 m .

After a couple of smaller river hips we will  come to the village Trepca. The old hanging wire bridge is remembered in world cinema. At this point  canyon exceeds 1200 m. Nature is magnificent , and these places are covered with lush vegetation, ranging from pine trees all the way to meadows. Very quickly we reach Tepaca river’s rapids that are extremely attractive. Bajlovica Sige are memorable and wonderful creations of nature. The rocks are covered with moss and decorated with ribbons water, the green water rushing from all sides and falling with some 7-8 meters. At the top of the cave there are  a underground lake. To visit  this place we should take up zo  2-3 hours minimum. At the mouth of the river Susica are powerful river rapids Gornji  and Donji  Nozdruc, river ppapid  Prodrta usov . Soon we’ll  reach the waterfalls Jovicic siga  and down the beech after long 50 km we will  arrive in camp Brstanovica.

At the end of the tour we will go to our camp where we will have a  lunch which is prepared from organic food that is produced in the area  of Tara  with beautiful ambience.

After that we will have organized transport guests to Zabljak.

We are able for all domestic and foreign guests, as well as for  all fans of “adventure that  can’t be  repeated,”  to  take them on a wooden raft, which is certainly the most attractive tourist travels, not only in Montenegro  but  in Europe too.

REMARK: The duration of rafting depends on: weather conditions, the amount of water as well as the number of guests.