rafting tara


Arrangement “Zugic port” lasting  two and a half hours from the starting point Splaviste to Zugic port, where you will see some beautiful parts of the Tara Canyon.

You’ll see river spring  “Ljutica” – which is recognized as one of the most important natural jewels of the Tara River and the strongest river source in Europe, a famous bridge Djurdjevica Tara with its five arches and a height of 150 meters, an architectural masterpiece. It is known,  that during the construction of this bridge used wooden scaffolding,  at the time the largest ever built in Europe.

Depending on the wishes of the group, we are able to visit the Monastery of St. Archangel Michael, take a swim in the cold “green waves”, visit ruins from Roman times … Lunch will be organized in along that route destinations which is prepared from organic food that is produced in the area  of Tara  with beautiful ambience.

After that we will have organized transport guests to Zabljak.

We are able  for all domestic and foreign guests, as well as for  all fans of “adventure that  can’t be  repeated,”  to  take them on a wooden raft, which is certainly the most attractive tourist travels, not only in Montenegro  but  in Europe too.

REMARK: The duration of rafting depends on: weather conditions, the amount of water as well as the number of guests.